Illuminating History’s Shadows Through Fiction
Illuminating History’s Shadows Through Fiction

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Tears of Appreciation

October 23, 2023
I’m coming close to the end of a very long road, one I travelled with people long dead. It was a journey I volunteered for, not travelled with ghosts or imaginary friends…

History Calling

Aug 28, 2023
After years of working on Red Clay, Running Waters I began to realize that History is a lot like the game of Telephone we once played as kids.

I Want to Read That!

Aug 20, 2023
Write the book you want to read is advice I took to heart. Never mind that it took me forty years to write it. Mission accomplished.

6,000 miles,18 States in 56 Days

Aug 03, 2023
I recently undertook a HUGE road trip to the United States. This was no free-wheel campervan make-it-up travel, but a tightly scheduled, intentional journey into our past…

Inspiration from Old Houses

Mar 13, 2023
I love old houses. Always been drawn to them. I’ve restored a few, sometimes to my financial detriment, but with much satisfaction and pride in the result, regardless.

True Confession of a Virgin Blogger

Feb 3, 2023
This plunge from being a Writer to an Author and addressing ‘the public’ kinda feels like that ‘first time’ when all your clothes came off and you realized you were naked in front of somebody.