Illuminating History’s Shadows Through Fiction
Illuminating History’s Shadows Through Fiction

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On the Trail

May 25, 2024
On May 26th, 1838, the United States Government began enforcing the terms of the Treaty of New Echota (1836) upon the Cherokee people residing in North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama.

I see dead people . . .

April 14, 2024
For me, this iconic phrase from the movie The Sixth Sense pretty much sums up what it’s like writing Biographical Historical Fiction. You spend your days (and many nights) seeing dead people – in brief, animated imaginings, based on the story you are stitching together.

Cue the James Brown!

March 08, 2024
you know what they say – Once out, there’s no putting that ephemeral thing back inside. Aren’t we glad?…

Counting the Ways

February 14, 2024
Over centuries, artist, writers, musicians, philosophers, scientists and basically every human being have sought to answer that question, to craft their own definition…

Tears of Appreciation

October 23, 2023
I’m coming close to the end of a very long road, one I travelled with people long dead. It was a journey I volunteered for, not travelled with ghosts or imaginary friends…

History Calling

Aug 28, 2023
After years of working on Red Clay, Running Waters I began to realize that History is a lot like the game of Telephone we once played as kids.

I Want to Read That!

Aug 20, 2023
Write the book you want to read is advice I took to heart. Never mind that it took me forty years to write it. Mission accomplished.

6,000 miles,18 States in 56 Days

Aug 03, 2023
I recently undertook a HUGE road trip to the United States. This was no free-wheel campervan make-it-up travel, but a tightly scheduled, intentional journey into our past…

Inspiration from Old Houses

Mar 13, 2023
I love old houses. Always been drawn to them. I’ve restored a few, sometimes to my financial detriment, but with much satisfaction and pride in the result, regardless.

True Confession of a Virgin Blogger

Feb 3, 2023
This plunge from being a Writer to an Author and addressing ‘the public’ kinda feels like that ‘first time’ when all your clothes came off and you realized you were naked in front of somebody.